Your Guide to Walking on Roof Tiles

Homeowners who need to inspect or repair their roofs must learn to do so safely. In their YouTube video, “How to Walk on Tile Roofs,” Roof Repair Specialists give instructions on how to be safe while walking on the roof. The instructions on this video are clear and easy to understand.

The narrator tells us the key to walking on a roof is using weight distribution. He gives an example by saying his weight is 200 pounds.

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If he were to stand on a roof tile with one foot, that tile will be bearing a load of 200 pounds. Putting one foot on two separate tiles would allot 100 pounds per tile.

After the narrator climbs up on the roof, he shows us the ideal stance. Place a part of each foot on a separate tile. He showed how easy it is to walk with poise on the tiles. Practice makes perfect, he reminds us.

Another trick to walk safely on a roof is to straddle the “ridge” (center column of the top.) Walk with one foot and leg on each side of the ridge. If you follow those directions, your weight is distributed correctly, and you’ll be safe. If you don’t feel you can do this safely, call a company that provides tile roof services.


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