Outdoor Home Renovations to Complete Before the Fall

Fall is the time of the year when cool weather starts forcing people inside. As such, you must finish your outdoor home improvement projects in summer or early fall before temperatures start freezing. Don’t know where to start? Do not worry. Here is a guide on the best outdoor home renovations to tackle before the fall.

Inspect the Roof and Gutters

It’s common for the roof and gutters to accumulate dust and debris during the winter and summer months. If left unattended, this debris may accumulate moisture and risk your roof to mold and algae growth during the fall and winter months.

In addition, accumulation of debris may cause retention of snow and rainwater, which may, in turn, soften and damage your wooden roofs, risking them from collapse. Therefore, it’s crucial to call a professional roofer to clean and inspect your roof to ensure it’s structurally sound before the fall and winter months set in.

Having your roof professionally cleaned and inspected will help you identify any signs of water and mold damage and other signs of roof damage for correction before they become problematic. Correcting these problems will give you peace of mind that your home is safe and stable to overcome the winter extremes.

The professional roof inspectors will also identify any missing shingles, damaged attics, or problems in your roof ventilation system and recommend the best course of action. This will enhance your home’s energy efficiency and comfort during the fall and winter.

Over and above that, professional roof inspection and renovation is one of the best outdoor home renovations because it will improve your home’s curb appeal and value. That means it can fetch you a quicker and more profitable sale should you decide to list it for sale. Besides, it can attract lower insurance premiums for water damage and other types of home insurance coverage.

As you can see, inspecting your roof before fall has numerous benefits. You must work with a reputable roofing service to reap most of them.

Protect Your Deck From the Elements

Now that the summer is almost over, you must prepare your deck to withstand the inclement weather during fall and winter. Yes, the fall and winter months have moisture, which can harm wooden decks. Hiring a custom remodeling expert to inspect, repair, redesign, and protect your deck from the elements is essential.

Why a deck remodeller? Deck remodeling experts have the right expertise. They improve the existing deck design or install a new one to improve the attractiveness of your landscape while maintaining the patio’s functionality. Also, professional deck remodelers can identify and end all potential deck problems that may ruin it during the cold weather.

Besides, wooden decks may feature different types of wood. Only skilled deck professionals understand the best treatments for protecting your wood type from the elements while allowing for their breathability. The professionals will also advise in keeping your deck in perfect shape throughout the fall and winter.

Google can be one of your best bet when finding a reliable deck-building service. To find one for these types of outdoor home renovations:

    • Enter the keyword deck builders near me, then list the top five service providers in the SERPs
    • Narrow down your list by choosing the candidates with overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
    • Finalize the process by choosing the most affordable deck builder

Find Alternative Energy Sources

The fall and winter months are characterized by frequent power outages. These outages are triggered by frost, strong winds, and storms, which are prevalent during the period. More specifically, the strong winds and storms cause trees, tree branches, and telephone posts to fall into the power lines, causing an outage.

On the other hand, snow accumulation in the power lines overload and break them, cutting off the power supply. Regardless of the cause, these power outages can inconvenience your home comfort. That’s why you should consider installing an alternative power source when planning outdoor home renovations for fall.

Solar power is one of the alternative power options you can install in your home. Contrary to what many believe, a solar power system can produce sufficient power to power an average American home, even during the winter when we experience the least daylight hours.

Installing high-quality solar power systems in your home will also improve the value of your property. Most homebuyers will be willing to pay a premium price for a home with a solar power array than one without.

However, the above benefits are only valid if you have a high-quality solar system installed professionally. That means you should hire a qualified solar power professional to help you find and install quality solar power systems in your place.

Inspect Your Foundation

The foundations are critical in supporting your entire house. However, over time, their structural integrity might get compromised from frost heaves, big storms, flood damage, foundation settling, snow damage, and other causes, risking your home’s collapse or sinking.

While some signs of foundation damage, like cracked foundation piers and cracked outdoor walls, are obvious, you may need expert help to identify the hidden hazards, like measuring instances of wall movement and foundation settling.

Why foundation inspectors? Foundation inspectors understand how a foundation can break, the risks involved, and how to detect and repair them. As such, working with them will help you identify the foundation defects and their causes to take the necessary action.

Also, depending on the extent of damage, these professionals will advise you on whether to repair or demolish the building. And if foundation repair is necessary, they will recommend the best repair options to help you restore your property’s structural strength and value.

So when should you inspect your foundation? You should call for a foundation inspection when you notice signs of damage, like sticking doors, uneven floors, cracked walls, cracked ceilings, uneven foundation piers, bulging foundations, and sticking windows. Ensure you work with a licensed and experienced foundation inspector to achieve the best results.

Spruce Up Your Yard

Summer can be harsh on your landscape as the flowers shed and leaves fall off trees. Sprucing up your yard before fall is a great idea to freshen and restore the curb appeal of your outdoor space. Here are great ideas that can greatly impact your compound before fall.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Many trees shed their leaves and turn brownish in summer. Others accumulate many dead blooms or foliage, as well as dead branches. Trimming helps remove dead branches, increases your safety at home, and improves your compound’s curb appeal.

Clean the Flowerbeds

Flowers boost the appeal of your compound, but they need regular care and maintenance to maintain their aesthetics. Check if your flowerbeds are still in position after the harsh summer. Collect the dried leaves, fallen flowers and pick the weeds as well. Replace the old flowers with new ones, which add color and vibrancy to your yard.

Build Retaining Walls

Does your property sit on an inclined space? If yes, a retaining wall can be a valuable addition to transform the space and manage runoffs as your prepare for the fall and winter seasons.

A great retaining wall can help with soil erosion control in case of heavy rains and winds. For best results, your home needs a solid foundation, so you can consult an erosion control service for the best results with retaining walls where you should build them.

Clean the Gutters

Remove dry leaves and debris on your gutters for better drainage. Clogging in gutters can easily lead to ice dams, so don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional in cleaning your gutters ahead of fall.

Spruce Up Your Porch

Your porch may need a thorough cleanup and maintenance to remove the summer dirt and debris. Inspect your porch for loose surfaces or steps, repair them, and add color that complements the other aspects of your home.

Check Your Sewer System

Most homeowners ignore the sewer line system when planning for outdoor home renovations to tackle before the fall and winter months. That’s why some complain about water damage, sewer line blockages, and sewage overflows during these periods. One way of avoiding the above problems is hiring a licensed plumber to inspect your sewer lines.

Why are licensed plumber inspections important? During the late fall and winter seasons, the ground frequently freezes and melts due to temperature fluctuations in the environment. This may cause blockage of the sewer pipes if their temperatures fall below freezing point. The last thing you want is to repair your sewer lines during winter. An experienced plumber will examine your pipes and suggest ways to avoid the problem.

In addition, the sewer pipes tend to crack during summer due to frequent expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. If left unattended, these pipes may lead to sewer overflows during fall. You need the help of an experienced plumber to identify and replace these pipes.

Finally, plumbers will use their expertise to identify and remove any clogs and other potential hazards to ensure they flow flawlessly throughout the fall and winter seasons. As you can see, conducting professional sewer line inspections and repairs before fall will help you sail through fall and winter without handling any sewer-related outdoor home renovations. To realize the above benefits, ensure your plumber has a well-laid record of quality craftsmanship before engagement.

Replace Your Windows

Your house windows greatly boost energy efficiency and your home’s curb appeal. Before fall, you can inspect your windows to check if they are fully functional and effective. After that, you can work with a reputable home improvement company. Here are the main telltale signs that it’s time to replace your windows before fall.

Visible Damages

Visible damages are the most apparent sign that your windows need a replacement. Small cracks may become extensive, allowing moisture, mold, and even pests into your house. Damages can also easily make way for intruders. Repair or replace visible damages to avoid causing more damage.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed increased energy bills in the summer? If yes, chances are high that your windows are no longer effective, and it’s time to replace them with newer ones. There are plenty of incredible energy-efficiency windows in the market today, and you can choose the most suitable for your home needs.

Condensation Inside Windows

Condensation inside your windows shows that cold air from outside is getting into your home. As such, you may need to replace them with high-quality triple-pane windows and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Decayed Window Frames

Decay is an apparent sign that your windows are old, and it’s time to replace them. The frames may decay when your house is old or is exposed to high moisture. Inspect your windows well and replace them if beyond repair.

Clean, Inspect, and Repair Your Chimney

Chimney repair is another important part of outdoor home renovations to implement before fall. Typically, chimneys are mostly used during colder months, and cleaning and repairing them before fall is a great way to ensure they operate safely throughout the cold season.

While some chimney problems, like crumbling brick, can easily be identified by an average person, other potentially hazardous issues need expert inspection and repair. That’s why hiring a chimney repair service is essential to inspect and repair your chimney.

Chimney professionals have access to all tools and equipment for inspecting and attending to hard-to-reach areas of your chimney. As such, you can rest assured that your furnace is safe.

Additionally, professional chimney cleaners can identify potential problems and end them before they turn into major problems. For instance, they can identify early signs of leakage and resolve them early, saving you from the cost of catering for water damage.

Professional chimney maintenance is a great way to lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums. It convinces your insurers that your home is less exposed to fire and water damage, lowering your premiums. So, prioritize chimney cleanups as you plan which outdoor home renovations to tackle before fall.

Fall is usually characterized by falling temperatures, making outdoor home renovations difficult. That’s why we insist on implementing the key home renovations before the season kicks in. Now that you know the main outdoor home renovations to tackle, find the right professional to help you implement each for an unparalleled experience during the fall.

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